LE COSE CHE NON HO - The new album

Sony Music released Marco Mengoni’s new album on 4 December 2015: “Le cose che non ho”. The 11 new tracks complete his “playlist in the making”, which kicked off with the multiplatinum album “Parole in circolo”, released in January 2015. 
Recorded in Milan and Los Angeles, produced by Michele Canova, “Le cose che non ho” is the next step in the artistic journey that began a year ago with the success of Guerriero.
“Le cose che non ho” (Vol. 2/2) includes “Parole in circolo”, the title track from the previous album, a song that is an outright manifesto for the entire project and for this creative period in the life of the Ronciglione singer-songwriter.

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TI HO VOLUTO BENE VERAMENTE - First single from Volume 2TWO/of2TWO

"Ti ho voluto bene veramente", produced by Michele Canova, is an intense ballad that draws you in as soon as you hear the first notes.
The powerful yet delicate song is the soundtrack for a journey of soul-searching for each and every one of us, moments when we are changing but also when we understand and become aware of what has been.
"Ti ho voluto bene veramente" is another joint venture with Fortunato Zampaglione, who co-authored the track with Marco in the lead-up to the new album.

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This summer Marco and his band will perform on stage during these prestigious European festivals:


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ZÜRICH - July 21 - Live at Sunset


ZOFINGEN - August 13 - Heitere Open Air


BOCHUM - August 29 - Zeltfestival Ruhr


Volume 1ONE/of2TWO


More than ever, this album is a real playlist of situations, a sequence of songs that we’re lucky enough to be able to shape and grow.
They’re all important because they’re all about being alive and being part of it all.
It’s a shared “today” and it’s still going strong.
This is a first playlist. A sort of volume one: a first act that is collecting the sounds of a life lived so far to create the new tracks.



PAROLE IN CIRCOLO is Marco Mengoni’s album of new tracks, released on 13 January 2015 in all record and digital stores, a certified triple  PLATINUM disc.
It is the first chapter in a new story in two episodes and gathering together what Marco calls “the playlist still being written and developed.”
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The track list 

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IO TI ASPETTO - The third single

IO TI ASPETTO is the third single from the album PAROLE IN CIRCOLO.
A huge party, where carefree youngs welcome the summer in a typical light-hearted holiday mood.

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ESSERI UMANI - The second  single

ESSERI UMANI is the second  single from the album PAROLE IN CIRCOLO.
A new song penned by Mengoni, with lyrics all about the emotions and awareness of a grown man who isn’t satisfied with “looking invincible, collecting trophies”, but makes his strengths out of his limitations and his deep knowledge of himself, happy to have been able to come to terms with his weaknesses.

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GUERRIERO - The first single

GUERRIERO is the debut single for Marco Mengoni’s new artistic venture, released on 21 November 2014.

Il brano, scritto da Marco Mengoni e da Fortunato Zampaglione e prodotto da Michele Canova, ha totalizzato in poche settimane numeri da record: doppio disco di Platino, 10 milioni di visualizzazioni del video su VEVO e YouTube, al vertice della Top Tracks Italy, Top Viral 50 e Top 200 di Spotify.

Marco Mengoni wrote the track with Fortunato Zampaglione. The song, produced by Michele Canova, in just a few weeks became a smash hit  earning a double platinum disc and 10,000,000 video views on VEVO and YouTube, soaring to number one in Top Tracks Italy, Top Viral 50 and Spotify’s Top 200.

In the first week of its launch, the hashtag got 1,400,000 views on Twitter and continued to trend in Italy for over 48 hours, with 450,000 interactions on Facebook.

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Contenuti speciali sul nuovo progetto


Uno sguardo inedito oltre la vita artistica


Born on 25 December 1988, in Ronciglione (province of Viterbo), Marco started his career by winning the third edition of the Italian X Factor contest in 2009, and signing a contract with record company Sony Music. After coming third at the Sanremo Festival in 2010 and releasing his first EP (covers performed during X Factor), Marco released the EP, RE MATTO, and on 3 May 2010 he started a long summer tour of 51 dates, all packed with fans.
Following this success, in October 2010 Marco released the CD + DVD Re Matto Live, a testimonial to his first tour. On stage, Marco is accompanied by the musicians he calls “my band”: Peter Cornacchia, guitar; Giovanni Pallotti, bass; Davide Sollazzi, drums.

SOLO 2.0 was released in 2011 and was Marco’s first real CD, also performed on stage on 26 November 2011 during the sell-out concert at the Mediolanum Forum, in Assago. Although just one other date had been scheduled, for 29 November, at the Palalottomatica in Rome, the enormous success of the two shows led to the decision to increase the number of live performances, which were then confirmed in the lead-up to Christmas.
The hit single SOLO (Vuelta al ruedo) and the second single, Tanto Il Resto Cambia, went to the top of two MTV polls (best single of 2011 and best music video of 2011, respectively).
In 2012, the digital EP Dall'Inferno (with an interesting backstage recording of this third music video from the album SOLO 2.0) was released and on 19 April 2012, Marco opened his theatre tour at the Teatro degli Arcimboldi, in Milan.
On stage, in addition to “my band”, new musicians and new instruments: Cristiano Norbedo, keyboards and drum; Federico Missio, saxophones and triangle; Frederick Mansutti, trumpet.

Mengoni also lent his voice to Once-ler, the mysterious character of Universal’s animated movie The Lorax –The Guardian of the Forest (in Italian cinemas from 1 June), working with Danny De Vito, voice of The Lorax for his first dubbing experience.

Marco opened 2013 with a win at the Sanremo Festival, with his hit L’Essenziale, penned by Casalino, De Benedittis, Mengoni, which was a huge success with enthusiastic spectators. One week after his victory, the single hit gold and only twelve days after its release, it took platinum. In September 2013, L’Essenziale reached multiplatinum sales and the video clip had 18,000,000 views.

On 19 March, Marco Mengoni released his new album, #Prontoacorrere, which went straight to number one on the FIMI (Federazione Industria Musicale Italiana) and iTunes charts.
In May, Marco was at the Eurovision Song contest in Malmö, coming seventh, but his L’Essenziale appeared in almost all official European hit charts.
On 8 May 2013, the L’Essenziale Tour preview included only seven concert dates, but ten more dates were soon added to satisfy the high demand for seats and the fast sell-out of almost all the dates.

After the preview, the real L’Essenziale Tour began on 1 July and a record-breaking number of over eighteen concert dates basically made Mengoni artist of the year. The demand for tickets was so high that the calendar of live events was extended through 22 October, with twelve additional events (five in Milan, three in Verona, Turin, Rome, and Florence; two in Naples and two in Bologna). The entire tour reached a grand total of forty concerts and the highest number of sell-out events for the year, making Marco Artist of the Year ad Honorem. This title became even more prestigious when an invitation arrived to attend the Billboard Conference (28-29 October) as the first and only Italian singer ever. In addition, the award for the Best Show Pepi Morgia 2013 (given by the Soundlite Technical Committee) and The Best Tour Award, won at the OnStage Awards 2013, completed a record year for Mengoni.

Marco started 2014 as Best Italian Singer at the Kids’ Choice Awards in Los Angeles and continued with his triumph at the MTV awards. Here, Mengoni won all four categories for which he had been nominated: Best Artist, Best Look, TwitStar and Best Fan.

In November 2014, Guerriero, the single preceding Mengoni’s new Parole in Circolo project, was released. The single made double platinum in two weeks and its music video hit 10,000,000 views in just over a month.

On 1 January 2015, the Italian iTunes charts showed Guerriero as the top-selling single and music video; the album Parole in Circolo was the top-selling album, even though it was still only on pre-order.

The charts were identical on 13 January, when Mengoni’s third studio album was released. The new album went straight to the top of the FIMI charts and was certified gold in just one week. Meanwhile, the Mengoni Live Tour 2015, with the warm-up show planned for 5 May, in Mantua, confirmed the scale of the singer’s success. Even before the release of his latest album, the tickets for the first eight announced concerts sold like hot cakes: the Bologna concert was moved from the smaller Unipol Arena to the larger Casalecchio di Reno to accommodate a larger audience; the Assago date sold out in the first few days of January and despite being unwilling to perform more than one concerts in the same venue during the spring tour, Mengoni agreed to add a second concert date for Assago, for 8 May.

The “Band”: Gianluca Ballarin, keyboards; Peter Cornacchia, guitar; Alessandro De Crescenzo, guitar; Giovanni Pallotti, bass; Davide Sollazzi, drums; Francesco Minutello, trumpet; Mattia Dalla Pozza, sax; Federico Pierantoni, trombone.

On 16 October, Marco cut Ti Ho Voluto Bene Veramente, first single from the new single album Le Cose Che Non Ho (released 4 December). The song was certified gold only ten days later and stayed at #1 in Italian charts. On 25 October, the artist won his third MTV Best European Award and he was the first and only Italian musician to perform live on the MTV World Stage.

Another record: Marco was the top-selling artist in 2015.

Le Cose Che Non Ho, the second half of the “playlist”, as Marco called his project, Parole In Circolo + Le Cose Che Non Ho, was recorded on 4 December. Within four weeks the album was certified triple platinum (to see all the awards, see the foot of the page). Three singles (Ti Ho Voluto Bene Veramente, Parole In Circolo, Solo Due Satelliti) were taken from this album, with three videos for one project. Each video is a chapter of a medium-length film written by Marco.

On 26 April the #MengoniLive2016 started: the first sixteen dates (all sold out) of his European tour (to end on 20 December) offering a preview of this new Mengoni year.

To be continued...


XFactor 3-2009 - first
XFactor 3-2009 - Critics Award
Sanremo - 2010 - third
MTV TRL Awards - 2010 – first - Man of the Year
MTV - Best Italian Act- 2010 – first
MTV - European Music Awards - 2010 – first - Best European Act
CONTEMPORARY A CAPPELLA RECORDING AWARDS - 2012- Runner-up Best original song
MTV TRL Awards - 2012 - first - Super Man Awards
Festival di Sanremo 2013 - first
Eurovision Song Contest - 2013 – seventh
MTV TRL Awards - 2013 - first - Super Man Awards
MTV ARTIST SAGA - 2013 - first
MTV - Best Italian Act- 2013 - first
MTV - European Music Awards - 2013 – first - Best European Act
Kids' Choice Awards 2014 – Best Italian Singer
MTV ARTIST SAGA – 2014 – first
MTV - Best Italian Act- 2015 - first
MTV - European Music Awards - 2015 – first - Best European Act
MTV – Best Italian Male 2016 - first

Dove Si Vola - EP - Platinum
Re Matto- EP - Multiplatinum
Credimi Ancora - single - Platinum
In un Giorno Qualunque - single - Platinum
Re MattoLive - live CD - Multiplatinum
Solo 2.0 -CD - Gold
Non Passerai - single – Platinum
L'Essenziale – single – Multiplatinum (x4)
#Prontoacorrere – CD – Multiplatinum (x3)
#Guerriero – single – Multiplatinum (x5)
#ParoleInCircolo (uno di due) – CD – Multiplatinum (x3)
Esseri Umani - single - Platinum
Io Ti Aspetto - single – Multiplaninum
Ti Ho Voluto Bene Veramente - single – Multiplatinum (x4)
Le Cose Che Non Ho – CD – Multiplatinum (x3)
Parole in Circolo – single - Platinum